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    Winter hair care

    black snow


    Much to the confusion of my close friends and family, I actually like the winter months, I find the shorter days ,  longer nights  and thick Woolly blankets,  are  perfect for those of us who love to hibernate. Unfortunately though, the winter season can be very unkind to my highly textured hair causing hair to appear dull and lack lustre.  Here are  five top tips for managing your hair back from the appearance of winter distress .


    Top Tips for winter

    Tip n1

    Woollen hats may be a necessity for you winter wardrobe, however they  often are the unidentified enemy of your hair. this is especially true for  very curly and kinky hair types. Firstly, hair easily  clings and  entwines with woollen  fibres this causes  the hair to tug, snag and brake. secondly woollen fibres, are hydrophilic, i.e attract and absorb water molecules. What that means for our hair is that a winter woollen hat will naturally and readily zap the much needed moisture out of your hair strands. One way to combat this is to line your hat with a silk or satin scarf. This will put a much needed barrier between your woolly hat and your hair.

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    Sleeping beauty



    At Cherish Earth we believe that night time is as good a time as any to care for your skin and hair, and sleeping on silk gives the term beauty sleep a whole new meaning. For centuries the Chinese and early Egyptians have known of the health benefits attributed to sleeping on silk pillowcases. Not only is silk the closet material to human skin, it has several unique properties which make it far superior to any other fabric.

    1. Hyper-allergenic and great for people who are asthmatic or have dry skin conditions such as eczema. This is because the small spaces in between its fibres make it inhospitable for dust mites. its  smooth soft properties and low absorption ability make silk a perfect  material for people with dry skin.
    2. Silk contains natural proteins and 18 essential amino acids which help to fight the process of ageing.
    3. Great for hair as it will not zap moisture from your strands nor will it contribute to hair breakage. Its smooth and silky texture ensures that the hair  will not tug snag along the surface of the pillow whilst you sleep unlike cotton which can causes friction and splits and tangles.
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    Tootsie love



    OK girls, its officially summer season and I have to say so far England has been really good to us. For the first time in a long time, the weather has been consistent enough  to allow us to pack away the wellies and role out the wedges woohoo. But its not all good, I have to say that I’ve been noticing that some of us have not been putting our best foot forward, literally!

    So we would like to share our foot Cherishing DIY recipe to help ward of those cracks and keep those heals in check.

    For this recipe you will need :-

    •  ½cup of brown sugar
    • ½cup of course see salt
    • ½ cup of carrier oil, I prefer olive as it has a medium absorption rate, but any oil would be fine
    • 5 drops of essential oil (this can vary, depending on your needs
    1. For those of us who are sporty, tea tree and peppermint will help to cool the feet and treat bacterial or fungal infections.
    2. If you have dark spots on your feet, try a couple drops lemon lemon oil (or fresh lemon juice) the salicylic acid will help even out the hyper pigmentation.
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    DIY hand sanitizer

    A mini bottle of hand sanitizer can be found in the bags of most modern day people and I must say that despite the cocktail of suspicious ingredients the principle of its use convenient. Rewind back 15 years or so, the mere mortal was forced to use water and soap as a means to rid ones hands of germs. ,

    However pumping our hand with cleansing solution every second of the day is less ideal. Firstly lets us ignore, (if just for a moment) that excessive use of hand sanitizer (which promises to kill 99% of germs) can weaken the immune system. Research has also shown that extensive and consistent use of hand sanitizers can elevate blood alcohol levels. 

    So armed with the above mentioned information I have decided to steer clear of hand sanitizers for use on myself and my daughter when we are out and about( its good old soap and water when indoors) and Instead I have teamed up with my cosmetic scientist and my aromatherapies to create an alternative solution which is very safe and very effective.

    For this recipe you will need:-


    1. 50 ml which hazel 

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    Cherished oils, Spotlights on Kiwi


    Kiwifruit, in my opinion is one one of the most beautiful of natural ingredients, its sweet taste, texture, aroma, and colour satisfy four of my five senses and in some cases i can hear it. Oh yes, believe it or not,  i can recognise and  distinguish the rustling sound of food packaging. For those of you that don’t share my level of cravenness, (i.e. patois for greedy)  you have to admit a slice of kiwi will help jazz up your summer fruit cocktail.  What many of us don’t realise, however  is that In addition to its culinary (and in my case, sensory delights) kiwifruit also produces  a delicate oil which has a wide array of be-you-tiful benefits.

    But before we get into all of that,  lets have a bit of background.

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